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I purchased this car in January 2008 as a partial conversion. The previous owner had begun the work, but it still has a long way to go to get to the level I want it to be at. The car recently had an engine and transmission rebuild, so the focus will be on stripping/gutting the car, restoring the car cosmetically and then working to convert it into a semi-show quality KITT replica. Helping me along the way will be my incredibly awesome wife Nikki who has become quite a Knight Rider fan. Not only does she allow me to purchase a 39 year old car, but is actually helping me in the restoration/conversion process! I'm a lucky guy...what can I say?!

Side note - KITT hasn't actively been worked on since 2010. Life happens. So the current state is waiting for paint/body. Once that's done, then I can begin putting the interior in and start some minor drivetrain maintenance since it's been parked for so long. Until then, KITT is covered in the garage waiting for someday.


I've broken this project's galleries into stages/sections for easy viewing. Select a category below to see some cool photos of a 1982 Trans Am being transformed into KITT!


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