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Dad’s 5 Year Cancer-Free Mark!

This year hasn’t had its fair share of positive milestones, but this one is big - Dad’s last screening on Monday marked 5 years of cancer-free results! 🎉 It’s quite an exciting milestone for our little family and one I wish Mom was around to celebrate with us. ❤️💔

For those that may not know, my Dad was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in late December 2015. From there we had a whirlwind of tests, visits with palliative care physicians, and a surgery was scheduled quickly for mid-February. The plan was a lobectomy that would hopefully remove the cancerous cells completely without any need for radiation or chemotherapy. The surgery was successful, but there were complications during the healing process that lead to an almost 30 day recovery stay in the hospital while the lung healed. Dad was finally released and for a little over 5 years straight, test after test have come back negative for any recurrence of cancer and for that our family is incredibly grateful. So today, we celebrate you, Dad! You’re a true survivor. ❤️


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