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Integrating The Mio GPS Unit

I finally got a chance to unpack some of KITT’s parts from my recent move. I’ve started some work on integrating the Mio Knight Rider GPS unit directly into the dash. I’ve already integrated it to have an audio out port to allow the dash voicebox to respond graphically when the GPS unit is speaking. Now I’m going to replace one of the dash LCD’s with the GPS unit itself. This involves completely disassembling the GPS unit. The first step was to create an extension for the power switch. I received some great help from a gentleman (zapper80) that had also integrated his GPS unit into his dash. He was really helpful in sharing how he did it. The next step was to create some screen templates that decreased the size of the 5” LCD that will be along side this unit to the same size widescreen format. I’ve tested the template on the 5” square LCD and it still works great with the custom graphics DVD I purchased. I’ll post some more updates and pics as the integration proceeds. I’m very excited to start working on this project again!


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