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Know Your Value

Today’s post is all about knowing your value. Whether we’re talking about relationships, business, or life in general, it’s important that we do not de-value what we bring to the table regardless of what other people may want us to think. The most valuable asset you have is that no one else is you. There will be people who don’t initially notice your value and that’s OK - show them! Be punctual. Keep your word. Build relationships. Be visible. Let your work speak for itself. I know I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of de-valuing my worth through something called “imposter syndrome”. Imposter syndrome, which over 70% of people have admitted to experiencing at some point, is just you feeling like you’re not qualified or good enough to be doing what you’re doing. Sometimes that feeling comes from something we think within and sometimes that feeling comes from other people’s views of you. But the good news here is the vast majority of people have experienced this, which means while the feelings may seem real, they are typically entirely unwarranted. To truly know your worth, take the time to list your accomplishments, remember your dreams, talk to your confidants, accept compliments, and re-define failures. You’ll find you bring a lot more value to the table than you think.


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