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Today Would Have Been...

Today would have been my parent’s 51st Wedding Anniversary. Mom was so excited and proud last year that she got to celebrate 50 years of marriage with her childhood sweetheart. With Mom’s health and a rampant pandemic, we didn’t get to celebrate it like it should have been. Mom asked me if I would video record myself singing them a song for their 50th Anniversary, which I gladly did. They never really had a specific song, so they tasked me with picking one. I tried to find something that was nostalgic for them and appropriate for everything they were going through. I chose “Stand by Me” and to this day I can’t hear it without crying. I almost couldn’t record it then. The words tugged so hard at my heart strings. I felt their pain, my pain, and yet a certain sense of comfort. It didn’t matter what they were going through, they had each other, and throughout my entire life they taught me what it was to have a lifelong partner, a best friend, an everlasting love. The love they shared didn’t diminish when Mom left this earth. Instead I see it continue to burn brightly through Dad every single day. Love endures all things.

🎶 When the night has come 🎶

🎶 And the land is dark 🎶

🎶 And the moon is the only light we’ll see 🎶

🎶 No, I won’t be afraid 🎶

🎶 Oh, I won’t be afraid 🎶

🎶 Just as long as you stand, stand by me 🎶


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