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Tonight I Lost My Mom

This evening we lost my Mom, Bettie Lou Garrison, after a prolonged battle with kidney disease. Her presence on this earth is immediately missed. Her love, warmth, and kind-heartedness to everyone she met will not be forgotten, nor dimmed, though. She taught me so much about selflessness, courage, and hard work. She was the rock in our family, both close and extended. Even through her last days, she was only concerned about taking care of my Dad, and Nikki and I. I had hoped to write something timeless and poignant here, but as I write through tear-soaked eyes I realize simple words could never express what she meant to me or how damn much I’m going to miss her. Whenever life got rough, I knew she was always just a quick call or short drive away and would give me just the right words of advice. While she’s not here anymore to give me the right words, I’m thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with her and remind her how much she means to me before she passed. I love you so much, Mom.

Please keep our family in your prayers, particularly my Dad as he copes with what comes next when your bride of over 50 years is no longer by your side. He did so much to make her final years as comfortable and happy as they could be and I know the sudden silence around the house will be deafening. Thank you to everyone who’s checked in on us and my Dad and offered love and support. I know Mom would be touched.


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