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What Is Your Why

If you’re a small business owner, now more than any other time in our lives we must ask WHY we do what we do. When we focus on the why, the week doesn’t seem quite as insurmountable. Many of us are exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally as the pandemic continues to throw unexpected hurdles in front of our processes, our employees, our financials, and most importantly our families. But the simplest way to re-energize yourself for the day or week is to remember WHY you chose to do what you do. Are you motivated to succeed for yourself because someone told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything? Use that tenacity and channel it into an amazing week of achievable goals. Are you motivated to succeed for your family and to give them everything they deserve? Use that love for each of them and show that kindness to your clients, employees, and co-workers - you’ll find that kindness can really turn your day or someone else’s day around. Whatever your WHY is, never lose track of it and utilize it!


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