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We built a TARDIS. I'll never forget the first time I told my wife Nikki that I wanted to build one. She looked at me like I was crazy! I get wild ideas all of the time and to be honest, most of them don't come to fruition. But this one...just wouldn't let me do that. I watched a video by Woodworking for Mere Mortals ( about how he built a TARDIS and I realized I could do that with the right tools and plans. Granted, I had never built anything from wood before, so it'd be an interesting exercise to find out if my ambitions matched my talent. So I bought my first table saw, and used some old tools I received from my Dad years ago. Needless to say, Nikki and I learned a LOT along the way on this adventure. We learned we actually loved woodworking and the skills we learned from this project translated to us later building our entire living room set (coffee table, sofa table, record console, and tv stand. So now we have a 10ft TARDIS in our living room along with all of the other furnishings we made after this project.


I've broken this project's galleries into stages/sections for easy viewing. Select a category below to see some cool photos of a TARDIS being built and a couple of time lapse videos of take down and set up.

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