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Storage Maintenance

After much neglect (primarily due to monetary reasons), I went out to the garage and gave KITT a quick charge. After the charge, it took quite a few tries to get it to turn over, but thank God it did! I guess sitting for 3 months or so makes KITT a bit touchy...haha. I drove it around a bit to get things warmed up and stopped off at the gas station and got some fuel to raise the tank to 3/4 of a tank. KITT will be sitting for probably another few months, so I added a bottle of Sta-bil fuel stabilizer. I’ve been hearing that you pretty much should never store a car without it to avoid varnished fuel. Try not to get the stuff on your hands...the smell just lingers forever! I finished up the maintenance by airing up the tires to the correct PSI. That will pretty much do it for a least until I hit the jackpot! :)


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